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Landlord Advice - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord

Sharon will answer as many email questions as practical but cannot guarantee to respond to all. Her responses, which will be posted in the ‘Ask Sharon’ section of Residential Landlord are personal opinions based on her long experience in helping landlords. By posting a question you are also registering to receive Residential Landlord email updates. Although every care is taken with replies, the advice that is given will be general in nature and landlords confronted with specific legal and technical issues are advised always to consult with professionals before taking action.


Landlord Advice - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord

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Sharon Betton, was for many years a landlord adviser with the Bolton Bond Board, and is author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide.

The Good Management and Practice Guide is a user-friendly document provided in an A4 ring binder and normally costs £6.99 plus postage but is available to Residential Landlord users at £4.99 plus postage of £4.31 per guide (£9.30 in total). Orders should be sent to The Bond Board Ltd, 41 Mawdsley Street, Bolton, BL1 1LN together with a cheque for the full address and will be dispatched on day of receipt.

Sharon has covered a host of topics. To find her advice on a particular subject, click onto the relevant heading below.


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Rents & Arrears Appliances & Utilities
Possession Protected tenancies
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Landlord Advice - Ask Sharon Residential Landlord