Average tenant stays in accommodation over four years

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Over 80 per cent of private renters in England are satisfied with their accommodation, the National Residential Landlords Association has trumpeted.

It took its figures from the English Housing Survey for 2019/20 , the full report on which has just been published.

Overall the survey found there were an estimated 23.8m households in England, of which 4.4m or 19 per cent were living in private rented accommodation. This was the same, percentage-wise, as the previous year but down on the 20 per cent of 2016-17.

Households in private rented accommodation were found to be the most likely to be living in overcrowded conditions – it had increased from 6 to 7 per cent since 2017-18 – and the most likely to be living in accommodation that did not meet the ‘Decent Homes Standard’ – 23 per cent.

Over three quarters of private renters were employed, with two thirds were in full-time employment.

The average rent paid by private renters was £201 per week, compared with £103 paid by social renters and £182 in mortgage costs paid by owner-occupiers. Some 3 per cent of private renters were in arrears with their rent.

Private renters had on average lived in their current home for 4.3 years and in the private rented sector of 8.1 years.   

‘The NRLA is mindful of the challenges the private rented sector is confronted with and remains firmly committed to tackling them in a spirit of co-operation between tenants, landlords and government’, said chief executive Ben Beadle.

‘However, today’s figures demonstrate that the vast majority of private renters are satisfied with their accommodation and the service being provided by their landlord. This positive feedback is representative of tenants’ experiences across the private rented sector, and it is through this lens that future changes need to be seen’.