Bradford Landlord Fined for Slum Conditions

A Bradford landlord has been fined after allowing tenants to live in slum conditions, with fire escapes blocked by rubbish.

Hasan Kazi, 67, was fined £12,940 after putting his tenants lives at risk. The court was told that Kazi was the manager of a block of 11 flats near Bradford University. An inspection carried out in July last year by an Environmental Health Officer from Bradford Council revealed several defects with the property. At the time, 10 out of 11 homes were occupied.

The officer discovered that the means of escape in case of fire were obstructed by a bicycle, electrical appliances, a plywood board and ladder as well as general rubbish. Upon further inspection, a smoke detector was found to be hanging off the ceiling, whilst exposed electrical socket connectors and dangerous light fittings added further risk to the property. There were numerous holes around the flats which permitted vermin to enter.

Kazi pleaded guilty to several offences, including the failure to ensure that all means of escape from fire were kept free from obstruction. He also failed to ensure that the internal structure was maintained, along with the fixtures and fittings. Finally, he did not ensure that his name, address and telephone number were displayed clearly at the property.

Photographs of the conditions at the property were shown to magistrates, who described the flats as ‘disgraceful’ and looking like a slum.

Following the case, Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: ‘Anyone renting out property has a serious responsibility to ensure that their tenants are safe and free from health hazards. They also need to make sure that the property is maintained in good repair and meets the standards required. In this case, not only was the property in a bad state it also put the lives of residents at risk. We will not hesitate to put irresponsible landlords before the courts.’