Brent consults on new selective licensing scheme

Brent Council has launched a consultation on landlord licensing for privately rented properties in the London Borough.

The number of privately rented properties has increased over the last 20 years, said the council. Licensing is seen as a way of ensuring these properties are well-managed and that they provide tenants with a decent and safe standard of accommodation.

Three types of licensing schemes operate in the borough: mandatory, additional and selective licensing. Selective licensing, which applies to single household properties in Dudden Hill, Kilburn, Queens Park, Kensal Green and Mapesbury wards, was introduced in 2018. The current scheme will end in May 2023 and the council is considering new schemes to replace it.

Consultation asks people whether they are in favour of selective licensing schemes in Brent and will run until 23 January 2023.

‘We want to hear from residents, tenants, businesses, private landlords and managing agents in Brent, as well as any other stakeholders from neighbouring boroughs with an interest in this scheme’, said the council.

‘This is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the schemes being proposed’.

Various supporting documents are available online via the London Borough of Brent website. These include: Evidence pack; Appendix 1 Housing Stock and Stressor report ; Appendix 2 Proposed Selective Licence conditions ; Appendix 3 Proposed Schedule of Fees and Charges; Appendix 4 Equalities Assessment ; Appendix 5 Map of the two proposed designations; Appendix 6 Map of proposed designation 1 ; and Appendix 7 Map of proposed designation 2.

Completion of the consultation questionnaire can also be completed online.