Brockley Criminal Landlord Disappears Before Jail

A criminal landlord from Brockley has disappeared on the day he was supposed to be sent to jail.

Rogue landlord Jermaine Jauvel, of Avignon Road, Brockley, left individuals sleeping on the floor outside of rooms that they had paid the deposit for. Having had his crimes discovered, he has disappeared in a likely attempt to avoid his impending jail sentence.

Jauvel would invite prospective tenants to the rental property, only for them to discover upon moving in that there were still people residing in the home, with no immediate plan for it to be vacated.

Having already paid their deposit, tenants would arrive at the property only to find other tenants already sleeping on the communal floor of the home waiting for a room to become available. Furthermore, Jauvel avoided making the improvements to the property he had promised to his tenants, rendering it uninhabitable.

However, in a sudden twist, the 42-year-old landlord has disappeared on the day he was intended to be put in jail.

Jauvel was arrested on April 30, 2016. He was found guilty after trial of four counts of fraud at Woolwich Crown Court on June 28. The landlord was sentenced to one year in prison but he wasn’t present to hear his verdict. Police are urging the public to help find him in order for him to receive his punishment. The Met Police are also seeking any information surrounding potential victims of Jauvel’s actions.

Detective Constable Mark Cresswell, of Operation Falcon, the Met’s response to fraud and linked crime online, said: ‘I believe that Jauvel’s offending was widespread and I would urge other victims to come forward. Most of the people affected by this man will be vulnerable people, desperate for a room and willing to take risks to avoid being homeless, but we are here to help them and ensure this individual faces justice for all the offences he has committed.’