Brunel University Tops the List for Profitable Student Landlord Investments

A recent study by Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance has identified Brunel University as the most lucrative location for student landlords. The study, which compared average rent, the number of bedrooms in student accommodations, and insurance costs across different university cities, placed Brunel University at the top for profitability.

Brunel University Tops the List for Profitable Student Landlord Investments Residential Landlord

The analysis reveals that student houses near Brunel University yield an average profit of £3,163, making it the prime recommendation for prospective student landlords. A notable feature of this area is the size of student houses, which average 5.6 bedrooms – significantly higher than the UK average of 3.6 bedrooms. Additionally, landlords in this region benefit from lower insurance premiums, averaging £386, compared to £617 for properties housing University of Bedfordshire students.

Edge Hill University ranks second in the study, offering landlords nearly as lucrative an opportunity, with an average income of £3,148. Student accommodations in this area benefit from some of the lowest insurance premiums among the top 10 universities, at £321, and command the second-highest rent in the group, averaging £738 per month, just behind the University of Oxford’s £837.

Royal Holloway University takes the third spot with an average monthly profit of £2,851 for landlords. The average student accommodation here features 5.1 bedrooms, with each tenant paying around £630.

This comprehensive study by Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance provides valuable insights for those looking to invest in student properties, highlighting the importance of location, property size, and insurance costs in maximizing rental profits. Brunel, Edge Hill, and Royal Holloway emerge as top choices for those aiming to capitalize on the student housing market.