Buy-to-Let Landlords Eager to Grow Portfolios Despite Ongoing Challenges

In a revealing survey of over 200 landlords, it emerged that a significant proportion, 38%, are keen to increase their number of rental properties within the next year, despite a majority, 42%, planning to focus on their current holdings. The research highlights that landlords are setting their sights on enhancing the value of their existing properties (45%) as their top priority, with a substantial focus also on boosting rental yields (38%).

Furthermore, 17% of landlords expressed intentions to diversify their investment portfolios in the upcoming year. The strategies for financing these expansions vary, with 40% of landlords looking to use existing equity, and 35% contemplating new mortgages or loans. Additionally, a quarter of the respondents are considering partnerships as a means to further their property investment goals.

Aviram Shahar, CEO of Lendlord, the company behind the study, noted the resilience and ambition of investors despite the current hurdles they face. He observed, “There remains a strong appetite among landlords to grow and invest in their portfolios over the next twelve months.”

Looking further ahead, an optimistic 82% of those surveyed are set on continuing their portfolio expansion beyond 2024. In contrast, a smaller segment (13%) plans to concentrate on refining their current assets, and only 5% are aiming for a stable passive income.

Shahar added, “Investors are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit, and the results of Lendlord’s UK Landlord Survey illustrate their determination to capitalise on available opportunities and achieve their investment goals.”

The sustained demand for rental accommodation, coupled with the prospects for capital growth and income stability, continues to underscore the attractiveness of buy-to-let investments for the foreseeable future.