Comprehensive Survey of Buy to Let Sector Organised by Government

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Over 100,000 landlords and letting agents active in the private rental sector in England have been asked to offer their opinions on what is being described as ‘the most comprehensive survey’ of the buy to let sector in ten years.

NatCen, the country’s largest social research agency, was asked by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to contact more than 100,000 landlords and agents for the survey. Those picked will be those who are registered with the three Government tenancy deposit schemes. They will be asked to take part in the survey which will look at what kind of homes they provide, their tenants and their experience of the private rental sector.

NatCen spoke out about the survey and its purpose in informing government policy: ‘We are inviting landlords and letting agents from across England to take part in the survey. The more landlords and agents who take part, the more accurate the results will be. The English Private Landlord Survey will be the most authoritative and comprehensive evidence source on the profile and views of private landlords and their agents in England. The results will help inform future government policy about the private rented sector.’

Once completed, the survey’s findings will be presented to the Government Ministers and officials as well as to professionals and commentators within the private rental sector. The survey will be conducted over a six week period during March and April. Landlords and agents will be selected randomly to take part.

The survey questions, are completed online and cover a variety of topics ranging from lettings and tenancy policy and practice to landlord finances and taxation. Future investment plans will also be covered, as will willingness to rent to different types of tenants, the benefits system, energy efficiency and safety and awareness of and compliance with Government requirements.