Don’t Get Caught in the Cold – Why Every Landlord Needs Emergency Boiler Cover

Roughly 107,108 boilers break down in properties across the UK every year, leaving landlords scrambling when the heating and hot water fail. Without emergency boiler cover in place, landlords face sky-high bills just to get tenants warm again – not to mention complaints and possible legal issues. Protecting your property investment starts with understanding why emergency boiler cover isn’t an optional extra.

Protect Properties and Tenants

When an ageing or faulty boiler stops working completely in one of your rental properties, the consequences stretch far beyond inconvenience. No heating or hot water can quickly lead to frozen, then burst pipes, water damage, black mould growth and long-term repair issues. Tenants rely on adequate heating and hot water as their legal right too – leaving landlords open to disputes or even fines if these essential services fail.

In a recent case, a Derby landlord was prosecuted and fined after leaving tenants with no heating over winter. Emergency boiler cover guarantees access to Gas Safe registered engineers 24/7. With a plan in place, certified help is never more than a phone call away. Response times are also contractually guaranteed, meaning issues get resolved promptly.

Avoid Expensive Emergency Call Out Fees

When a boiler unexpectedly stops working, landlords without emergency cover often end up paying over the odds for repairs. Replacing an entire boiler can cost anywhere between £600 – £2500 depending on property size and system complexity. Engineer call-out fees alone typically start from £150 – more if visiting outside of hours.

With a comprehensive service & repair plan in place, landlords avoid paying premiums for emergency engineer visits. Parts & labour for boiler breakdown repairs are also covered. Of course, this all varies on the type of coverage you source. That’s why it’s best to work with experts such as Emergency Cover, who offer emergency boiler cover for landlords, as well as homeowners.

Minimise Voids Between Tenants

With tenants empowered to look up a rental’s repair history, lengthy delays or complaints won’t do your reputation any favours. There are horror stories about landlords who provide horror homes, pocketing money that is supposed to be used to improve homes, and fix issues such as damaged boilers.

Boiler breakdowns at the wrong time also spell disaster – leaving you with a property sat empty yet unable to sign contracts for the next tenants. Emergency cover steps in so urgent issues never jeopardise the gaps between tenancies.

Have Confidence In Your Compliance

As a landlord you must ensure rented accommodation meets legal safety standards, including carrying out annual gas safety checks. Letting out a property with a faulty appliance puts tenants at risk and could lead to compensation worth £1,000s for tenants if they don’t sort them.

Boiler cover provides included compliance assistance like arranging access for inspections and handling certification. By upgrading plans, some providers will even fit wireless smart controls allowing remote monitoring. This helps guarantee continual compliance to avoid any inspection delays holding up new tenancies.