Fire Safety Information Insufficient for Buy to Let Investments

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Buy to let investors need to take more responsibility for ensuring that their tenants have been given adequate fire safety information, with 57 per cent of tenants having not been given any fire safety information from their landlord.

New research from Horbury Property Services found that a mere 14 per cent of tenants considered that the information they had been given regarding fire safety was appropriate. 33 per cent of tenants claimed to have received only ‘basic information.’

However, despite the lack of information offered, the survey discovered that fire safety knowledge had improved since the 2017 Fire Door Safety Week survey. 68 per cent of those surveyed now knew that a fire door should be inspected every six months. A year ago just 40 per cent knew this.

When asked what would make them feel better equipped to prevent fires, the key answer was tighter building regulations on fire safety, with 45 per cent of respondents citing this as something that would be useful. Fire sprinklers were the second most popular option at 36 per cent, with regular fire door checks in third place at 18 per cent.

18 per cent of tenants were found to be very confident regarding whether their building was safe. 77 per cent were reasonably confident regarding the use of safety and fire doors.

General Manager at Horbury Property Services, Richard Sutton, said: ‘This year, it was noticeable how much people actually know about fire safety and fire doors, compared with previous years. However, we are concerned how many fire doors were being used incorrectly, for example, by being propped open, which would make them ineffective in the event of a fire. It was also interesting to find out people’s thoughts about what would make them feel safer in their buildings, with such high numbers mentioning building regulations, fire sprinklers and greater checks on fire doors.’