GetGround Enhances Platform to Support Existing Limited Company Investors in Buy-to-Let Market

GetGround, the all-in-one property investment platform, has expanded its services to accommodate existing limited company investors, marking a significant enhancement in its offerings amid growing market demand.

Expanding Services to Meet Investor Needs
Initially focusing on forming and managing new companies for buy-to-let investments, GetGround has now broadened its scope. For the first time, landlords and investors who already manage properties through registered limited companies can integrate these companies into the GetGround platform. This integration allows them to access low-cost accounting, tax management, and a comprehensive suite of buy-to-let products with expert support. Moubin Faizullah Khan, Co-Founder & CEO of GetGround, stated, “Driven by that demand, we have used our well-capitalised financial position to invest in our talent and technology and build out the platform to accommodate any limited company investor, regardless of where their company was previously formed and managed.”

Market Growth and Technological Investment
The decision to open the platform to existing limited company investors follows a significant 27% year-on-year growth in the number of new buy-to-let incorporations in 2023. GetGround has captured a 10% share of the buy-to-let incorporation market and anticipates this could double within the next three years. “Early signs are hugely encouraging – during a test phase in February and March, we recorded a 100% increase in the number of landlords joining the platform,” added Faizullah Khan.

Since its inception, GetGround has supported over 27,000 property investors and landlords from 114 countries, managing more than £1.5 billion of UK investment property. The platform’s expansion reflects its commitment to enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the UK buy-to-let market.

Cost-Efficient Services and Future Outlook
GetGround offers a highly competitive pricing model. Once companies are transferred to the platform—a process that can take as little as 48 hours—customers pay £29 a month to receive comprehensive tax and accounting services. This fee is substantially lower than the typical £1,000-1,500 annual cost charged by accountants for similar services outside the platform.

Looking ahead, GetGround aims to continue expanding its service offerings, which now include helping investors access finance, and marketing their properties to an active community of 100,000 investors, landlords, and agents. Faizullah Khan hightlighted the importance of cost management in maintaining profitability in the buy-to-let sector: “At a time when margins on buy-to-let investing remain tight, managing your costs wisely is an imperative for all property investors.”

This strategic expansion by GetGround promises to bring more robust investment opportunities and enhanced management solutions to the UK’s rental market, supporting investors across the globe.