GetGround Introduces Investment Pots to Boost Buy-to-Let Returns

GetGround, a UK property investment platform, has unveiled its new general investment accounts (GIAs), known as ‘Investment Pots,’ aimed at helping buy-to-let investors enhance the growth potential of their cash reserves.

Maximising Returns for Buy-to-Let Investors
The newly launched Investment Pots allow GetGround’s 27,000 property investors and landlords to earn competitive returns on their business savings. At launch, these pots offer a 4.21% annualised return on investment. Moubin Faizullah Khan, Co-Founder & CEO of GetGround, highlighted the initiative’s benefits, stating, “We want to challenge this passive treatment of cash by creating a simple alternative that requires minimal effort.”

Flexible and Convenient Investment Options
GetGround customers receive rental income into business accounts linked to their limited companies, with average annual rental income of £11.6K and typical cash holdings of £4.5K. These funds, often set aside for tax payments, property repairs, or future investments, can now be transferred into Investment Pots. Transfers are free, and withdrawals are processed within four working days, maintaining the convenience of the GetGround ecosystem without incurring additional tax implications.

Strong Market Reception and Potential Growth
During a 10-week pre-launch testing phase, GetGround investors cumulatively invested £1 million, reflecting strong interest in this opportunity. Khan noted, “Our Investment Pots help our customers to make their money work harder when they don’t need it, and get it back swiftly when they do.” Currently, GetGround customers hold £19 million in their business accounts, and at the current rate, transferring this into Investment Pots could yield approximately £700,000 in the first year alone.

This innovative solution addresses the challenge of finding high-interest business savings accounts, providing an accessible and low-risk investment option specifically designed for property investors and landlords.

GetGround’s Investment Pots are part of a broader suite of services aimed at enhancing the online experience for property investors, supporting them from sourcing to managing and eventually selling their investments. The platform’s expansion now also includes servicing limited company property investors regardless of their company’s formation origin, broadening access to GetGround’s comprehensive digital tools and services.