Government Initiates Process for Compulsory Landlord Ombudsman Scheme

The government has initiated the process to establish a mandatory ombudsman scheme for private landlords, beginning with the publication of a Pre-Tender Market Engagement request. This request aims to gather information in order to select a supplier to manage the proposed Private Rented Sector (PRS) Landlord Ombudsman scheme.

The scheme’s description indicates that it will be compulsory for all private landlords in England, providing redress and dispute resolution to private rented sector tenants through an independent party. This will be done in accordance with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, referred to as “the Authority.”

The Pre-Tender Market Engagement has several objectives, including defining the service specification for the ombudsman, understanding the feasibility of the requirement, determining the best implementation approach, assessing market capacity and potential risks, informing value for money considerations, and addressing early questions and issues. It will also help establish potential delivery timescales and inform the decision on the route to market.

This initial phase serves to outline the potential structure and powers of the ombudsman, with the government emphasizing that it is distinct from any subsequent procurement exercises. The ombudsman forms part of the government’s commitment to address perceived issues within the private rental sector.