Half of landlords support rent controls, new poll reveals

A recent poll by Leaders Romans Group (LRG) has revealed that half of landlords support some form of rent control, as the likelihood of Labour introducing measures to regulate rent pricing increases.

Unexpected Support for Rent Controls
LRG surveyed 1,200 landlords and tenants, finding that 70% of landlords overall back rent controls. Of these, half support limiting annual rent increases, while a third favour linking rents to wage or inflation rises. However, 30% of landlords oppose any kind of rent control. Unsurprisingly, most tenants support rent controls, particularly rent freezes.

One landlord commented, “We should accept our responsibility to provide decent homes at a fair price,” while another pointed out, “The real problem is the lack of supply – rent controls, higher taxes and licensing only lead to fewer properties to rent. That can only mean higher rents.”

Evictions and Cost of Living
The survey also uncovered that banning Section 21 evictions is not a high priority for tenants. Instead, tenants are more concerned about reducing the cost of living. Additionally, half of the tenants agreed that changes to the eviction process should only occur once the court system is improved.

Concerns Over Taxation and Regulation
Landlords expressed significant concerns about potential taxation changes under a Labour government. Sixty percent of respondents believe that increased property taxation would lead to higher rents. Furthermore, 45% of landlords are worried about new regulatory measures complicating the rental process.

“This survey highlights the critical concerns faced by both landlords and tenants in today’s volatile market,” said Allison Thompson, National Lettings Managing Director at LRG. “The start of a new parliamentary term presents a pivotal moment for the party in power to address these issues with balanced and thoughtful policies. It’s essential that we create a fair and sustainable rental environment that supports both landlords’ ability to invest and maintain properties and tenants’ access to affordable housing.”

The LRG survey sheds light on the divided opinions among landlords regarding rent controls, reflecting broader concerns about supply, taxation, and regulation in the rental market. As the political landscape evolves, the next government faces the challenge of balancing the needs of landlords and tenants to ensure a stable and fair rental environment.