Haringey landlord and agents fined £27,500 for unlicensed property breaches

A landlord in Haringey, along with three directors from two letting agents, have been fined a total of £27,500 for failing to secure the necessary license for a property in Tottenham.

The property, housing eight tenants from different households, required a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) license. Haringey Council has emphasised the importance of landlords and letting agents adhering to safety and management standards, which were neglected in this case, putting tenants’ well-being at risk.

Council’s commitment to tenant safety
The fines will be paid in instalments following a breach of licensing regulations. Additionally, the enforcing officer, working with Companies House, prevented one of the letting companies from declaring insolvency to avoid the financial penalty.

Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities at Haringey Council, stated: “As shown with this case, we are committed to ensuring homes in Haringey are safe and regulated for our residents. It is imperative that landlords and letting agents adhere to the legal requirements to not only avoid prosecution but also protect and maintain high housing standards in Haringey.”

Background on licensing requirements
The requirement for an HMO license applies to properties rented out to five or more people from different households. The license ensures the property meets specific safety and management standards to protect tenants. Failure to secure such a license is a legal breach and can result in significant fines, as seen in this case.

Preventing insolvency to ensure accountability
The council’s actions included working with Companies House to stop one of the letting companies from declaring insolvency, ensuring they remain accountable for the penalty. This proactive measure underscores the council’s dedication to enforcing regulations and safeguarding tenant interests.

Malcolm added, “Our residents have always been at the core of everything we do, and we will continue to go above and beyond for their safety.” This case highlights Haringey Council’s commitment to tenant welfare and the enforcement of legal standards for rented properties.

Implications for landlords and agents
This significant fine serves as a stark reminder to landlords and letting agents of the importance of complying with licensing regulations. Ensuring properties meet required standards not only avoids legal repercussions but also protects tenants and maintains the quality of housing in the area. Landlords and agents must remain vigilant and proactive in securing necessary licenses and adhering to safety standards to foster a secure and compliant rental market in Haringey.