How landlords can beat the looming economic crisis of soaring inflation

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Tired of renting, fed up with regulations, constant tenant hassle, costly repairs and, to cap it all, hammered by Section 24 Tax? You aren’t alone. Landlords nationwide have had enough and are looking to get out of renting by selling all or part of their portfolios.

But, if you want to sell quickly without waiting months for your tenants to leave, you face a problem: Tenants refusing to co-operate on a sale, refusing to allow viewings from buyers, or refusing to leave at the end of an AST, has massively delayed or wrecked a property sale for landlord’s time and again.

And now, the Government is to give tenants even more protection by banning Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions and possibly increasing your tenants’ notice period to 6 months.

That’s a nightmare scenario for landlords, especially if you want, or need, to sell quickly to release equity.

And, if you don’t sell quickly, with the looming economic crisis of soaring inflation, higher taxes and rising interest rates you could see the value of your property falling fast, while your tenants happily stay in your property and delay a sale.

That’s where we can help here at Landlord Sales Agency. With a mailing list of over 30,000 investors – from the UK and overseas – we can get you offers from buyers who will take on your property and your tenants. Why? Because it gives them immediate rental income and ROI without the hassle of finding a tenant themselves or paying a letting agent. And, with rental demand and rents soaring, property still offers far higher returns for cash rich investors than the paltry interest rates on offer.

That’s the perfect result for you. It means you sell without tenant hassle, without losing rental income, and without waiting weeks or months for a sale to complete.

However, this window of opportunity could soon close. That’s why as a landlord myself I have personally already cashed in some of my portfolio before prices fall. Savvy landlords nationwide are doing exactly the same. 

But, don’t miss the last days of the boom. This could be the last opportunity you get for years to sell quickly while prices are still at record levels and before even more tenant protection hits landlords hard. Contact us NOW for immediate cash offers from our mailing list of 30,000 investors. FREE to advertise and no sale no fee.

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