Internet Campaign Leads to Fergus Wilson Involving Kent Police

Following recent controversy surrounding his racist comments, buy to let landlord Fergus Wilson has involved Kent Police after an internet campaign directed at him and his wife.

Wilson was targeted by internet trolls this week after a leaked email revealed that he had attempted to ban ‘coloured people’ from renting his properties, alleging that they made them ‘smell of curry.’

Unsurprisingly, the comments were ill received, with anti racism group Hope Not Hate speaking out against the landlord. They said: ‘You simply cannot treat people like this and deny them a place to live due to their skin colour. If people such as this man continue to choose tenants on the basis of ethnicity he should face the full force of the law.

However, others have had less formal reactions, leading to fury from 69-year-old Wilson after he saw images of himself circulated on Facebook. Featuring him and his wife Judith, the doctored photos depicted the couple holding property boards with offensive mocking messages. These included statements such as ‘I am a racist c***, 2 per cent of people agree with this statement’ as well as ‘racist, homophobic p**ck.’ A video was also released on YouTube within which Wilson was labelled a ‘racist dickwad.’

A Kent Police spokesman commented: ‘Kent Police is aware of this issue and will be working to establish if any offences have taken place.’

Since the instance of the leaked email to his letting agent Evolution Properties, Wilson has persisted in defending his offensive opinion. He told the Sun: ‘To be honest, we’re getting overloaded with coloured people. It is a problem with certain types of coloured people – those who consume curry – it sticks to the carpet. You have to get some chemical thing that takes the smell out. In extreme cases you have to replace the carpet.’