Investments in Stem cells – the possible cure for your portfolio

Grace Century, FZ LLC is a global company based in the United Arab Emirates which aims to yearly identify two investment opportunities for its membership base. Such a concentrated focus means that the company is able to commit to providing highly vetted and researched opportunities which will provide excellent returns for those investors willing to have a higher risk profile than simply leaving their money in an interest bearing savings account.

Grace Century President Scott Wolf explains that there are a number of criteria to which the company adheres to identify potentially lucrative opportunities for investment. He describes the first, saying: ‘we look at an opportunity without rose tinted glasses; is the prospect company actively looking at a real world problem that actually needs solving, and will they be able to deliver a solution faster and cheaper, or will the solution actually make the lives of those in the target market better? If the company is doing all of these then we have a definite candidate for investment.’

The second set of criteria applied will reveal the viability of the project, examining whether appropriate technology is available, if the ‘risk-reward’ is worthwhile, and whether the ‘time is right’ for the investment to take off.

Grace Century currently believes it has found a project which fulfils all the necessary criteria. The investment opportunity is a company called Provia laboratories, which has a branded name ‘Store-a-Tooth’. The project is a further development of ‘cord blood’ technology first discovered 15 years ago whereby stem cells from umbilical cords have been used to treat blood disorders in family members. This industry has grown at a rate of 25% per annum. However, the family had to make the decision at birth to store the cord in a bio bank. With the recent discovery of powerful stem cells in both milk and wisdom teeth the window of opportunity has grown hugely. These dental stem cells can also be used to grow cartilage, cardiovascular tissue, dental tissue bone, and even neural cells.

Provia uses Cryogenic technology to culture, verify and preserve stem cells harvested from a child’s milk teeth in order to use them for personalised regenerative therapies. Similar in essence to the cord blood stem cell banking services, Provia’s scheme actually provides the opportunity for a wider range of therapies due to the versatility of the cells, which are more structurally sound than those found in cord blood. The process of harvesting the cells is also minimally invasive and without the ethical debate found when dabbling in foetal stem cells. Furthermore, the Dental Stem Cells can grow into large enough volumes to treat adults and can be collected numerous times. They have also recently demonstrated the ability to produce pancreatic-like islet cells that produce insulin, promising enhanced treatment for diabetes.

However, previously biomed has not achieved its full potential. Wolf suggests that this is due to a lack of management skills as opposed to a lack of technology. He says: ‘Although the people working in biomed are incredibly gifted and they have the best interests of the numerous donors and those requiring stem cell therapy at heart, the fact of the matter is that these people lack the essential business skills to successfully bring these products to market. We have seen time after time, incredible projects brought to us by scientists and other similarly gifted individuals, which we passed on simply because, at the end of the day, a business is in the business of making money; no matter what the field.’ Grace Century has tipped this to be one of the most important medical discoveries of the last century, and is offering investors the chance to cash in.

‘It’s the only way we believe you can make money now, without having to wait for 10 years and picking the right therapy and the right company bringing that therapy to market. The Viacord investors saw a 15 fold return on their initial investment, which is way above the returns for investors in any similar technology. Using the technology that Provia is employing, and the timing in science, we believe that investors in the banking of cultured and stored stem cells sourced from teeth will do significantly better than this.’

Wolf’s optimism is based mainly upon the success of Viacord’s business model, claiming: ‘I believe Provia can match or even exceed the return on investment demonstrated by Viacord. 95%+ Margins are more than attainable, given that there is history of customer drop off rates lower than 1% per annum and backed by the thorough due diligence and continued strategic oversight provided by Grace Century.’

Known for providing its members with hugely rewarding opportunities, Grace Century is confident that Provia, a somewhat obscure investment, will provide a select group of investors with a hugely exciting chance for profit.

‘Grace Century provides clients with a double return – all our projects are designed to be both growth and income producing. Our clients earn interest from 5 – 8% and are provided with ongoing returns, while the project concerned has access to the capital supplied by investors. We refuse to let people use our money without providing income for our clients while they use that capital.’

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