Irish landlord prevented from selling his properties

A Dublin landlord has been prevented from selling off his property portfolio pending settlement of his tax liabilities.

A High Court interim injunction to this effect has been obtained by the Irish Revenue against Paul Howard who, it said the Revenue, owed over 2m euros in tax. The court agreed with the Revenue that there were strong concerns that otherwise the properties might be sold and the proceeds somehow dissipated.

Howard, who was said to live in Spain but also to have an address in Dublin, was also prevented from drawing funds from a number of named bank accounts.

The Irish Revenue had begun an investigation into his tax affairs in 2009. This, the court heard, had culminated in a Tax Appeals Commission ruling last August that Howard owed over 1m euros in unpaid tax plus a further 1m plus euros in statutory interest  for the years 2002 to 2014.

He had been given until 5 November to give his formal agreement to payment terms but missed the deadline.

It was alleged that recent sales of part of Howard’s substantial property portfolio and the advertising for sale of four further properties were an indication that he might be preparing to avoid any enforcement action by Revenue.

Howard has been in the news before. In 2018 he was ordered to pay a tenant over 2,000 euros after serving her an invalid eviction notice. This was the fifth order from the Residential Tenancies Board against Howard concerning the same apartment block, bring the tally of such orders to almost 14,000 euros.