Kensington Mortgages Unveils Competitive New Rates for Buy to Let Mortgages

Kensington Mortgages has announced an update to its mortgage offerings for both Buy to Let and Residential customers, introducing new special rates and reduced tracker rates. This move is part of Kensington’s ongoing commitment to providing flexible mortgage solutions tailored to the varied needs of its customers.

In the Residential Mortgage Range, Kensington has launched a new Loan-to-Value (LTV) special rate, starting at 6.19% for a two-year fixed term at 65% LTV. This offering expands with an attractive 5.89% rate for a five-year fix at the same LTV, both subject to a £999 fee. Purchase customers availing of this offer will receive a free valuation and an extra £500 cashback, while remortgage customers can enjoy a complimentary valuation and choose between £500 cashback or free legal services.

Kensington’s recent enhancement of its large loan offering, now ranging from £500,000 to £2 million, is complemented by a new three-year fixed option alongside the existing two and five-year fixed-rate products.

For Buy to Let investors, Kensington has revised its fixed-rate specials to provide some of the most competitive rates in the market. Notably, a two-year fix at 70% LTV is now available at 4.19%, and a similar product at 75% LTV is offered at 4.64%, both accompanied by a 5% fee. All fixed-rate specials include a complimentary valuation.

Additionally, Kensington has introduced a new two-year variable special rate tracker mortgage in its Buy to Let range, set at 75% LTV with a 5.60% rate and a 3% fee, including a free valuation. The company has also reduced rates across its Buy to Let Tracker mortgages, offering free valuations for all products at 75% and 80% LTV. The same benefits apply to Residential Tracker mortgages.

Vicki Harris, Chief Commercial Officer at Kensington Mortgages, expressed her enthusiasm for the new offerings, stating, “These updates represent our unwavering dedication to providing mortgage solutions that offer more options to customers.” She emphasized the importance of working closely with brokers to empower borrowers in choosing suitable loans and highlighted Kensington’s efficient service, with an average processing time of just 11 days from application to offer. Harris added, “As a trusted partner to our customers and brokers, we continue to set industry standards by prioritising flexibility, affordability, and customer satisfaction.”

This comprehensive update from Kensington Mortgages underscores the company’s focus on adapting to customer needs and maintaining a competitive edge in the mortgage industry.