Landlord Fined £45,000 for Unlicensed HMO Violations

In a significant legal action underscoring the importance of housing regulations, Mohammed Ammar Hussain from Hemel Hempstead has been fined over £45,000 for offences related to the management and licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). The prosecution, led by Dacorum Council, highlighted Hussain’s failure to obtain necessary HMO licences for two properties, alongside three counts of neglecting management responsibilities, including the absence of functional fire alarms.

The magistrates’ court handed down a fine of £13,450 to Hussain, in addition to a £2,000 victim surcharge and £29,856 in prosecution costs, culminating in a total penalty of £45,306. The council’s investigation into the properties in 2022 revealed they were being operated illegally as HMOs, posing several hazards to the occupants. Further inspections in January 2023 confirmed continued operation without licenses and unresolved safety issues.

A council spokesperson praised the Private Sector Housing team’s efforts to ensure safe and secure housing within Dacorum, acknowledging the majority of law-abiding landlords who adhere to high standards. However, they also pointed out the detrimental impact of a minority of landlords disregarding legal obligations, stressing the council’s commitment to safeguarding residents’ well-being and advocating for quality housing conditions across the borough. This case serves as a stern reminder of the legal and financial consequences facing landlords who fail to comply with HMO regulations and management duties.