Landlord Fined Over £3,600 for Unlicensed Property as Council Upholds Penalty

East Staffordshire Council has successfully upheld a Financial Penalty Notice against a landlord for renting out a property without the required licence. The landlord was fined £3,673.00 in July 2023 after failing to apply for a licence, despite receiving multiple warnings from the council.

The enforcement comes under the selective licensing scheme introduced in September 2022, aimed at elevating the standards of private rented accommodation and enhancing tenant health. The scheme mandates that all properties within the specified area must meet a satisfactory standard of management and safety before a licence is issued.

Operating a privately rented property without a Selective Licence in a designated area constitutes a criminal offence, carrying potential consequences of prosecution with an unlimited fine or a financial penalty of up to £30,000.

Since the implementation of the licensing scheme, the council has issued financial penalties to nine landlords, accumulating over £22,000, for failing to adhere to the regulations.

A council representative stated, “This case should act as a warning to landlords within the selective licensing area. Non-compliance with the scheme will not be tolerated and may lead to enforcement action. Landlords must ensure they obtain a selective licence for their properties.”