Landlords uncertain about election as concerns over Labour government rise

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With the general election fast approaching, more than 40% of landlords remain undecided about their vote, while nearly half express worries over a potential Labour government.

Landlords divided on political allegiance
A recent poll by Landbay, surveying 1,500 landlords, revealed significant indecision in the landlord community. As of now, 41% of landlords are unsure which party to support on 4th July. The survey showed that nearly a third (31%) intend to vote Conservative, 12% lean towards Labour, 5% favour the Liberal Democrats, and one in ten are considering other parties.

Among the undecided, the largest group consists of landlords with portfolios ranging from four to ten properties (35%), followed by those with 20 or more properties, who make up a quarter. Notably, 69% of the undecided landlords operate within a limited company.

Concerns over potential Labour policies
The survey highlighted that nearly half of the landlords (48%) are anxious about a potential change in government. Describing Labour as “anti-landlord,” many expressed concerns about the uncertainties a Labour government might bring. One landlord commented, “With a lack of affordable housing, we are the scapegoats. They have increased our tax and compliance burden. The Left is making it worse.”

The policies of the two main parties appear closely aligned to many, which adds to the apprehension. Several landlords mentioned that their vote would go to the party that promises to reduce the heavy tax burden they face.

Opportunity for political engagement
Rob Stanton, sales and distribution director at Landbay, highlighted the significant opportunity for political parties to engage with landlords and address their concerns. “With a large proportion of landlords still undecided, our findings show a huge opportunity for all parties to engage with landlords, address their concerns and give them a reason to vote for their party,” he said. “Given that much of recent politics from all sides has been anti-landlord, this would be a welcome change.”

The need for clear policies
As the election date draws nearer, the indecision among landlords underscores the need for clear and supportive policies from political parties. Addressing the concerns of landlords and providing concrete plans to reduce the tax and compliance burdens could significantly influence their voting decisions. With a substantial portion of the landlord community still undecided, the outcome of their votes could play a crucial role in the election results.