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Law Lab - Advice on UK Property Law Residential Landlord

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Law Lab - Advice on UK Property Law Residential Landlord
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The Law Lab says……

Family lets

Is it possible for a buy to let landlord to let their buy to let property out to a family member? I am considering purchasing a property to help my daughter out. Is this possible?

This will depend on whether the lender allows letting to family members or not.  Some lenders specifically prohibit family members occupying properties purchased with a buy to let mortgage and you should therefore check with the proposed lender in advance.

House in Multiple Occupation

I have a multiple occupation terraced property with ground floor commercial shop let on lease, the adjoining property next door is under going an extension but the owner builder has caused extensive damage to the kitchen area of my shop resulting in leaking roof etc.My tenant has engaged a private builder to do the repairs resulting in costs amounting to £2,500. My tenant wants me to reimburse him plus compensation as it has held him up in selling. Am i responsible for this or should my tenant approach the builder responsible for causing the damage.

It is likely that under the terms of your lease with your commercial tenant, you will be responsible to him for any damage to his property caused by the exterior or structure. You should though check the lease and, if necessary seek advice on this. If so, then you have a claim against the owner of the adjoining property in trespass and/or nuisance for damages which would include the reasonable costs of repairing your property, and any other losses which have directly flowed.

Law Lab - Advice on UK Property Law Residential Landlord