Manchester Given Money to Protect Migrants From Rogue Landlords

Manchester has been issued with a large sum of money by the government, in order to improve private housing for migrants and target rogue landlords.

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has issued the northern city with a sum of £280,000 in order to continue improving private sector housing standards across the city.

The funds are set to be used to target rogue landlords who may take advantage of immigrants or people who currently do not have the status to remain in the UK. It follows on from a pilot project last year which also successfully bid for funding from the DCLG. The pilot had focused on accommodation deemed sub-standard, honing in on properties above shops as a key problem area. The programme, which looked into areas of deprivation, found that uncovering rogue landlord activity was a key factor in discovering migrant issues. This information could be fed to officers working directly in the neighbourhoods.

The sum offered by the DCLG will allow for the continuation of investigation work which will target properties owned by rogue landlords. The landlords in question have been identified through previous and ongoing compliance work carried out by the council.

Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, Bernard Priest, said: ‘Immigrants can be vulnerable to unscrupulous landlords where housing conditions are poor and often exacerbated by subletting. This also means that immigrants can find it harder to integrate fully into Manchester life and contribute to the city’s economy. We welcome this funding as it will allow us to continue our targeted approach to rogue landlords operating in the private rented sector – in particular flats located above shops – and help improve safety, living conditions, and in turn the wider community.’