Manchester mayor launches £600,000 initiative to tackle rogue landlords

In a decisive move, Greater Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, has unveiled a comprehensive £600,000 strategy aimed at reforming the private rental sector and clamping down on rogue landlords across the city.

Enhanced Oversight and Tenant Support
The new initiative spearheaded by Mayor Burnham introduces the Property Check scheme, giving tenants the power to request property inspections if their landlords refuse to cooperate voluntarily with the council. This measure is part of a broader effort to ensure rental properties meet the Decent Homes Standard. The scheme will be piloted in partnership with Salford City Council and the central government, with the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service playing a crucial role in conducting these checks.

Legal Assistance and Interagency Collaboration
To further protect tenants from harassment and illegal evictions, Greater Manchester is establishing a team of housing law experts. This team will provide essential advice to tenants and identify opportunities for early intervention in problematic tenancies. Additionally, a new pilot with Oldham Council will explore methods for recuperating housing benefits from landlords who rent out substandard properties, indicating a concerted effort to improve living conditions through interagency cooperation.

Setting Standards with the Good Landlord Charter
Looking ahead, the introduction of the Good Landlord Charter later this year promises to set clear and achievable standards for landlords in both the social and private rental sectors. This charter aims to enhance the quality of rental accommodations by encouraging cooperation between landlords and the council.

In his statement, Mayor Burnham expressed a strong commitment to ending the era of substandard rental accommodations in Greater Manchester, emphasising that the new measures would “empower people across Greater Manchester and put us on course to become the UK’s only Housing First city-region.” With these initiatives, the mayor’s office seeks to significantly improve the rental landscape, ensuring safety and fairness for all tenants in Greater Manchester.