Marijuana Plants Hidden In Rental Property Found by Landlord

A criminal tenant has been caught by his landlord cultivating £37,000 worth of marijuana in his rental property in Dundee, leading to his arrest and detainment.

The tenant, Matthew Hart, 29, had been cultivating the Class B drug at the Clyde Place property in Dundee. His haul was uncovered following several complaints to the landlord from neighbours, who mentioned ‘strange comings and goings’ to the flat. The landlord attempted to contact Hart through a series of phone calls and letters which were consistently ignored. This therefore led the landlord to take matters into his own hands and investigate the flat in person.

When no one answered the door, the landlord used a spare key to access the property. He was instantly confronted with the smell of cannabis. Following the scent to Hart’s room, he discovered dozens of the illegal plants hidden inside three pitched tents.

The landlord then went to the local police station in order to report his discovery. The police then accompanied him back to the flat in order to investigate the issue in further depth.

While officers were searching the property they unveiled a ‘large quantity’ of plants and drug paraphernalia. In total, 69 plants were found in the search with a potential total value of somewhere between £17,420 and £37,460.

Whilst the police were present, Hart returned to the flat. He was subsequently detained by the police and charged with cultivating marijuana, which is classified as a class B drug and is thus illegal to possess and grow.

The tenant pleaded guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court last week and will return for sentencing next month. Hart, now of Longhaugh Road, Dundee, has since been released on bail awaiting background reports.