North-West London Landlord Prosecuted for Overcrowded Property

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A rogue north-west London landlord is facing prosecution after cramming 31 beds into a small three-bedroom house.

A search of the north-west London property found ‘appalling living conditions’ with 10 people inside the home at the time of inspection. The house, which was allegedly unlicensed, contained visible mould, a peeling ceiling, a makeshift curtain and several fire hazards.

The council said it was looking to ‘take action’ against the landlord. A spokesman said: ‘This morning we are with our enforcement officers and Harrow Police inspecting this unlicensed House in Multiple Occupancy and overcrowded property. Just some of the things wrong with this property: there is no fire safety, no smoke detectors, no carbon monoxide detectors, mould, and an array of health and safety issues.’

The raid revealed evidence of ‘at least 20 people’ residing in the home. Local police tweeted: ‘We’ve assisted Harrow Council with executing a warrant in the Rayners Lane area. Appalling living conditions and overcrowding in a property.’

The raid on the house featured on Channel 5’s Bad Tenants Rogue Landlords. The show revealed that one of the property’s tenants was said to be subletting the property and was later arrested by police for immigration offences.

Upon inspection, officers found 31 bed spaces and just one bathroom in a similar inspection which looked into another ‘very overcrowded’ three-bed property, this time located in Kenton in north-west London. The property contained homemade double bunkbeds constructed with timber. Each unit was used to house up to eight people. The property contained no smoke detectors and thus posed a serious threat to all of those living inside. In addition, there were also worrying signs of collapse on one of the stairs. As well as being a safety hazard in its own right, this issue could obstruct escape in the case of a fire, further adding to the potential damage the property could cause.