Nottinghamshire Landlord Fined for Unsafe Property

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A buy to let landlord in Nottinghamshire has been hit with a fine of almost £6,500 due to their failure to comply with an improvement notice.

Susan Elizabeth Jubb, 55, pleaded guilty in front of Mansfield County Court to charges that she ‘forced’ her tenants to reside in substandard conditions.

The rental property, located in Worksop, had 17 areas of major concerns. These included electrical faults, a lack of fire alarms and insecure windows. Furthermore, inspections discovered that there had been fire damage to the rear of the building. There were also no adequate fire escapes and concerns over the security of the property. There were inadequate internal doors, missing floorboards, loose carpets on a steep staircase and concerns regarding the heating system and insulation of the property.

Jubb was charged with completing the work on the property by October 27 2016. However, officers were denied entry to the property in order to carry out further inspections and therefore were only able to inspect the property nearly a year later in early October 2017.

Nottinghamshire Police shut down the property after reports of anti-social behaviour.

The rogue landlord is now required to pay a fine of £2,666 as well as the council’s legal costs which amount to £3,519.97. There is also a victim surcharge of £266, taking the total amount that needs to be paid to £6,451.37.

A prohibition order has now been placed on the property, meaning that the landlord is not allowed to seek any tenants to live there until the work has been completed to meet the satisfaction of the housing officers.

Member for neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, Councillor Julie Leigh said: ‘We welcome the court’s decision and a significant fine is justified after Jubb had taken advantage of a tenant and forced them to live in uninhabitable and unsafe conditions. Thanks to the council’s prohibition order, Jubb must also bring her property up to the necessary standard before she will be allowed to rent out the property or allow anyone to live in the property. We hope that this serves as a warning to other landlords whose properties are not up to the required standard or pose a danger to their tenants.’