NRLA and Title Guardian Join Forces to Shield Landlords from Property Fraud

Title Guardian, a prominent figure in smart property protection technology, has announced a new partnership with the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA). This collaboration is set to offer NRLA members access to Title Guardian’s advanced anti-fraud, digital monitoring tools.

This partnership comes as a strategic response to the increasing threat of property fraud, which includes issues like unauthorized sub-letting, illegal use of properties as business addresses, and title fraud. More details about the benefits for NRLA members can be found here.

Since its launch in the fourth quarter of 2023, Title Guardian has witnessed a substantial growth in its customer base, attracting homeowners, landlords, law firms, and property providers. The rising awareness and concern over property fraud risks have driven the industry towards adopting proactive security measures.

NRLA members will gain several advantages from Title Guardian’s Smart Portfolio Protection service, including:

  1. Access to a state-of-the-art monitoring system that scans various digital sources to promptly alert landlords of any signs of fraudulent activities.
  2. Discounts on rental property registrations on their platform, with the first rental property being registered for free and a 40% discount offered on the second and third properties.

John Daw, CEO of Title Guardian, comments on the partnership:

“Landlords can be at a higher risk of fraudulent threats. They aren’t at their properties, so can be vulnerable to property and identity misuse and unauthorized sub-letting.

The NRLA is at the heart of the landlord community, providing invaluable advice and services for its members: property providers who deliver vital infrastructure for the UK economy.

We’re delighted to be part of their member ecosystem. This partnership not only endorses Title Guardian but also sends a powerful message to the property industry that proactively tackling this issue is of utmost importance. We look forward to welcoming NRLA members as Title Guardian customers, allowing us to protect their portfolios and contribute to a more secure property market.”

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive at the NRLA, adds:

“This partnership provides our members with important protections against fraud at a time when, unfortunately, crimes of this nature are becoming more common across the private rented sector.

With Title Guardian already regarded across the market as the leading provider of this kind of support, we are delighted to be extending this valuable service to our growing membership base.”