NRLA Warns of Potential Exodus of Landlords Over Rent Control Proposals in Wales

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has voiced its concerns regarding the potential implementation of rent controls in Wales. The association has responded to the Welsh government’s “Fair Rents & Adequate Housing” consultation, cautioning that such controls could have detrimental consequences for the private rented sector in Wales.

According to the NRLA’s submission, rent controls can influence landlord decisions negatively and hamper housing availability.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the NRLA, remarked on the situation, stating: “With a chronic supply and demand crisis engulfing the Welsh PRS, it’s difficult to think of any policy measure likely to worsen the current situation more than rent controls.

Beadle further suggested that if the Welsh government truly wants to address rising rents and housing scarcity, it should aim to bolster housing supply. He advocated for the adoption of pro-growth initiatives that would incentivise investment in rental properties.

He concluded by emphasising the need for forward-thinking strategies: “Now is not the time for failed ideologies to be pursued. We need progressive policies which will allow private landlords to deliver the high-quality private rented accommodation tenants need.”