Oldham Landlord Prosecuted for Failing to License Property

A Oldham landlord has been fined after failing to obtain the correct licensing for his rental property.

Landlord Abid Jaweed was prosecuted by Oldham Council after he opted not to sign up to their Selective Licensing scheme, a compulsory council initiative to improve property management in the locality.

In the areas of St Mary’s; Hathershaw; Waterhead; Hollinwood; Primrose Bank and selected areas of Coldhurst, Alexandra and Oldham Edge it is a criminal offence to be in charge of a private rental property without a licence. Failure to comply with the conditions of said licence will also lead to landlords committing a criminal offence.

The licence fee £490 per rented property and covers five years. It can either be paid in two instalments, or as an entire sum upon application.

Jaweed repeatedly ignored letters from the council informing him that he needed to sign up to the scheme for his Oldham property, and continued to rent out the house without a licence.

He pleaded guilty in front of Tameside Magistrates Court and was fined £750 and ordered to pay £750 in costs.

Cabinet member for neighbourhoods and co-operatives, Councillor Barbara Brownridge, said: ‘The majority of private landlords in the areas where the Selective Licensing scheme is in force are supportive of it because they, like us, know that the rented sector in Oldham needs to improve. But, as this prosecution shows, we are still coming across individuals who think the law doesn’t apply to them.

‘We will take action against landlords who flout the law. Over the last few years our officers have discovered properties that fail to meet the required homes standard, which can have a terrible impact on the health and welfare of tenants and the wider community. This scheme aims to make private landlords meet satisfactory standards of tenancy and property management. But it is also about tenants acting responsibly in a way that does not blight their neighbourhood and showing respect for their neighbours.’