Possessions Thrown Out of Window to Evict Mother of Nine

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A landlord evicted a mother of nine by throwing her and her family’s possessions 30 feet from a window, it has been claimed.

Donna Newby was evicted by landlord, bodybuilder David Love, after falling behind on rent payments. However, despite being told that she could remain in the property until Sunday she was horrified to return home last Friday and discover her children’s toys, a sofa bed and television thrown from the window of her second floor flat in Edinburgh.

Among the belongings, which were discarded in the rain, was a memory box which was dedicated to Ms Newby’s daughter who passed away at five weeks old.

Ms Newby had fallen behind on rent payments after suffering from depression following the death of her sister last May. Police visited the flat last Wednesday to serve an eviction notice.

Ms Newby’s daughter Shannon claimed that their landlord had told them a week in advance that they would be evicted. They had planned to leave the property on Sunday but received a call on Friday to tell them their possessions were being thrown out. Several items, including a television and a bed were ruined and soaked by rain.

Shannon, 19 said: ‘My mum was so hurt to see all our possessions lying there.’

Mr Love claimed he had been ‘cleaning’ the property.

The rent for the property was paid in housing benefit. The arrears began in May when Ms Newby missed a job centre appointment due to the death of her sister. Due to Ms Newby’s depression sister and the anniversary of her baby’s death it took six months to sort out the housing benefit. The council have been paying money back to make up for some of the arrears. Approximately £2500 was still owed.

Mr Love said: ‘I am a professional landlord and carry out all of my business in accordance with the law.’