‘Price on application’ property listings unlawful

Property listings on portals and agent websites must carry a price tag, according to the specialist property team.

Those that do not, but simply say the price is available on application, are likely to be misleading because they withhold (‘or in some cases mask’) the asking price from consumers.

The property’s price is information which the average consumer needs in order to make an informed transactional decision, such as to make enquiries about the property, conduct further research or arrange a viewing, ruled the team.

The NTS Estate and Letting Agency Team had been asked by the industry to provide a view on the use of ‘POA’ as part of a continuing drive to improve disclosure of information in property listings.

‘I am pleased to be able to provide a clear position that the use of “POA” or “price on application” in property listings is unlawful’, said senior NTS Team Manager James Munro.

‘We hope this clarity will be helpful for property portals and agents as they prepare their listings. This position will form part of our general industry advice and guidance moving forward’.