Private Rental Sector Tenants Satisfied with Property

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In contrast to media opinion, it has been revealed that 84 per cent of tenants in the private rental sector (PRS) are satisfied with their housing.

New research from the latest English Housing Survey has demonstrated that 84 per cent of tenants in the private rental sector are satisfied with their housing in comparison to the 81 per cent in the social rented sector.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) says latest tenant satisfaction from the English Housing Survey acts to dispel negative myths peddled about the private rented sector.

As a result of this coming to the fore, the RLA is challenging government to put equal effort into recognising the good on the sector with regulation to mitigate the impact of rogue landlords.

The report also found that 72 per cent of private sector tenants are satisfied with the way that their landlord carries out repairs or maintenance. This is in stark contrast to the 66 per cent who said the same in the social rented sector.

RLA policy director David Smith, said the results go against the ‘myths peddled’ about the private rented sector which often imply that private landlords are lazy and treat tenants unfairly. While there are a number of rogue landlords in the sector, these are a small minority in comparison to the vast number of good investors who are happy to help their tenants and provide a positive space for them to live.

David Smith commented: ‘It shows once again that the vast majority of private sector landlords do a good job and look after their properties and tenants properly. The Government should recognise this and ensure policy supports the vast majority of landlords who are individuals to continue providing the good quality homes to rent we need whilst improving enforcement to root out the criminals who have no place in the market.’