SME house builders deliver higher quality for consumers and Property Investment

It is twice as likely that a home built by a small and medium sized (SME) house builder would lead to consumers and buy to let property investors being ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their new home.

New research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found that 36 per cent of consumers and property investors are ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their new build home which had been build by an SME house builder. In contrast, just 17 per cent of those whose house had been built by a top 20 large builder claimed to be very satisfied.

The research looked into satisfaction rates amongst those who had bought a home in the past 5 years.

Chief Executive of the FMB, Brian Berry, said: ‘There is a popular misconception that new build homes are poor quality compared to period properties that were built to last. Small local house builders, who hang their hat on delivering high-quality new build homes, find this view immensely frustrating. Our research shows that you are twice as likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of your new home if it was built by an SME house builder as opposed to one of the large top 20 firms. This research draws a clear distinction between what is being delivered by SMEs and what is being delivered by larger firms.’

The contrast in quality between the work of small local builders and larger corporations was attributed by Mr Berry to the importance of reputation for the former. He also asserted that SME builders are more likely to work with a small team of broadly skilled tradespeople, improving the quality of the project.

Berry concluded: ‘If we are to improve the image of the house building sector, all house builders, large and small, need to put quality at the heart of every project. Not only will this make our industry more attractive to new entrants, including children and young people, it will soften planning committees to the prospect of new developments. We are in the midst of a serious housing crisis and in order to win people over and make them more pro-development, we need to deliver fantastic new homes that local people would be proud to have built in their community.’