Southwark tells councils they need licences, but not yet

Southwark Council in London is reminding landlords that they will require licences under its new selective and additional licence schemes approved last month.

The schemes are due to start on 1 March next year. Unfortunately the council is not yet in a position to accept applications so is inviting landlords to ask instead to be included on its mailing lists by emailing

Previous selective and additional licencing schemes ended in December 2020.

The new additional licensing scheme applies to HMOs let to four or fewer people with shared amenities, and to ‘section 257 HMOs’ where the building is three or more storeys and has been converted into three or more self-contained flats and both the building and the self-contained flats are under the same ownership or control. It can also include some properties converted into flats that do not comply with 1991 (or later) Building Regulations.

The new selective licensing scheme applies to all private rented properties not covered by the mandatory or additional licensing schemes in five wards: Newington, Champion Hill, Faraday, St Giles and Goose Green.

The council warned that landlords letting property without a required licence could be fined up to £3,000.