TDS Group Welcomes New Chair in Drive to Enhance Private Rental Sector

The TDS Group, known for its pivotal role in tenancy deposit protection and dispute resolution, has introduced Fay Selvan as its new chair. Selvan steps into the position following the retirement of Martin Partington, who has left a lasting imprint through his 14 years of service. With a distinguished career spanning various leadership roles, including chair positions at Jigsaw Housing Group and Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust, Selvan’s appointment signals a fresh direction for TDS. Steve Harriott, TDS Group’s CEO, expressed confidence in Selvan’s capabilities, noting her extensive experience and leadership prowess as key to propelling TDS forward.

Selvan’s Vision for TDS
Upon her appointment, Selvan expressed enthusiasm about her new role and the opportunity to further TDS’s mission within the private rental sector (PRS). Her background as CEO of the Big Life Group, a notable social enterprise, underpins her commitment to social impact—a perspective she plans to carry into her tenure at TDS. Selvan’s previous contributions to housing and healthcare boards, coupled with her leadership at the Big Life Group, highlight her adeptness at steering complex organizations towards meaningful goals.

A Crucial Juncture for the PRS
The timing of Selvan’s appointment is pivotal, as TDS continues to focus on elevating standards across the PRS. Her involvement with the Greater Manchester Fair Housing Futures Board underscores her belief in collaborative efforts to improve housing conditions. TDS emphasises the importance of such partnerships in achieving tangible enhancements in the PRS. Moreover, a recent agreement with The Depositary, offering TDS customers a discount on end-of-tenancy software, reflects the organization’s ongoing efforts to provide value-added services to its stakeholders.

Fay Selvan’s leadership arrives at a momentous time for TDS, marking a commitment to not only uphold but also enrich the standard of services and support offered within the UK’s PRS. Her track record of fostering growth and collaboration in social enterprises and housing initiatives bodes well for her vision of a strengthened TDS contributing positively to the sector’s landscape.