The CEO of Landlord Sales Agency explains why there’s just three months left to sell your property portfolios and HMOs at record high prices before Christmas

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Over the last few months, landlords across the country have been contacting us at The Landlord Sales Agency to sell their HMO’s and portfolios, and there’s good reason. These last two years since the lockdown, house prices shot up to market highs that happen only once every 7 years, and with the end of furlough and Christmas just around the corner, plus the market already easing, house price growth may be unlikely to last.

Finding the right time to sell your portfolios and HMOs can be tricky, especially when you’ve spent years building up a collection of properties and wanting to maximise your gains for your retirement, which is exactly why I founded the Landlord Sales Agency. Inspired by my own journey of building up a strong portfolio of over 150 properties, knowing when the best time was to sell, and the challenges involved in selling quickly for the best prices, I understand all the pain-points of being a private landlord. I also understand that the reason we collect our assets is to generate as much of an income stream as we can from them, then when the time is right, sell up and release the appreciated value of the portfolio. Timing your sale is absolutely crucial, especially in a cyclical property market where there are short windows of opportunity and spurts of growth followed by years of stagnation or prices falling back. When Covid struck, and the economy started to respond in both negative and positive ways, one surprising trend emerged: the growing value of property

As the months went by during the Covid lockdown it was clear that we were entering into another exciting property market bull run, and this one was a bumper spike. But just like previous years, spikes eventually plateau out. The timing of this spike, however, is important: it had come at a point where many of us were already considering selling our portfolios because of heading towards the end of our mortgage terms, and considering the best time to sell for our retirement. Plus we have all had to face the costly challenge of Section 24 taxation, potentially incorporating, and endured the challenge of the Covid eviction bans preventing us from issuing simple section 21 notices and refurbing when tenants left. We have all had to look around to find alternative methods of selling our tenanted properties and portfolios. Thankfully the eviction bans are now over and what’s left is the last step of navigating the backlog with the courts and bailiffs, but at least this brings relief and common sense back to the market place.

Despite normality slowly beginning to return, some of us have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Many of us started to rethink about our priorities, or the future we wanted to create, and many of us had pivoted. The question for our portfolios is: sell now or keep and sell later?  We’ve been sitting on an asset-rich finance source, we’ve been in the business for many years now, and this looks like it could be a window to sell if we could just find the right agent to help us sell. It was obvious to me that now is the time to seriously consider selling: the market may plateau or even fall if buyer interest starts to really wane; CGT may go up and so we can’t waste this moment. We need to act fast.

And so Landlord Sales Agency emerged: assembling the best power team in the country, myself and my experts got to work selling portfolios, and the results were exactly as I predicted: record high prices. Using my extensive network of buyers, I created a Ferrari pit-stop team that delivered exactly what landlords needed within weeks or days. Landlords started flocking to us, and our team got to work to get the prices the landlords wanted and worked flat out to get the sales over the line quickly, all whilst keeping tenants on board.

If you want to sell a landlord portfolio, get a landlord who knows every single part of the industry to do the job.

No one understands exactly what’s required like I do. I’ve been there, done it, and that’s why I want to help others like you benefit from my experience.

But the window to sell maybe closing. If the market takes another downturn, and follows the trend of flattening out, owners have just 3 – 7 years to sell their portfolios before the end of their 25 year mortgage terms; they might not get the chance to sell again as the market would not have time to recover. This is the timing decision landlords must make. What’s more, if furlough or interest rates crop up, the chances of the market reducing increase even more. It’s a matter of sell now, or do I risk it?

Here at Landlord Sales Agency, we deliver what no one else is able to do: sell your portfolios and HMOs fast, in a matter of weeks, at 80% to 90% of the market value, allowing you to cash in and retire.  What we have learned from our huge list of cash buyers is that we have buyers ready to buy the whole portfolio for 80% of the market value in as little as 28 days or less and we have buyers ready to buy at around 90% value through splitting up portfolios and selling individual properties through our modern auction. It really is that simple. And we’ve got the results to prove it.

No matter what issues or challenges, be it tenants, mortgages, tax bills or deeds, our team of experts with 20 years of experience selling landlord properties, and myself, a CEO who has personally got over the line 2,500 houses just like yours, are the only ones you can trust to seamlessly make it happen. You won’t just get a higher price for your portfolios, selling now might be your last chance.

To find out how myself and my team at Landlord Sales Agency can help you, and to start the process, get in touch with us today. Timing is everything, take the opportunity to seize your moment today.