TikTok Set to Transform Property Searches, Predicts Major Developer

St. Modwen Homes, a prominent developer, has made a bold proclamation regarding the future of house-hunting, highlighting the significant role TikTok is set to play in the industry. The company foresees the popular video platform overshadowing traditional property search portals and becoming the primary method for finding homes.

“Brits can say goodbye to the old-school house-hunting routine as we enter 2024,” states the developer, acknowledging the overwhelming nature of scrolling through endless property listings. St. Modwen Homes emphasizes the impact of TikTok’s concise and engaging videos in revolutionizing the process of discovering and selling homes.

Recent trends support St. Modwen’s prediction, with TikTok experiencing a surge in property-related searches. Notably, the hashtag #houseforsale has amassed an impressive 1.4 billion views, while #homesforsale has reached 333 million views. Other popular searches on the platform include #propertytour (682 million views), #ukhousetour (nearly 16 million views), #londonproperties (nearly 11 million views), and #homewalkthrough (5 million views). The platform’s growing influence is underscored by its achievement of being the first non-gaming mobile app to generate $10 billion in consumer spending.

Alison MacLean, Head of Marketing at St. Modwen, comments on this emerging trend: “In 2024, we’re predicting a major shift, especially among the younger generation, who are turning to TikTok over traditional property portals for a more engaging and interactive home-buying experience.”

She further adds, “As the property market evolves, TikTok is a game-changer, offering an unprecedented platform for professionals and individuals alike to showcase properties.” MacLean also highlights the advantages for sellers, noting that using TikTok can significantly enhance a property’s visibility and potentially expedite the selling process.