Two third of social tenants ‘new to sector’

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There were 49,000 fewer new social lets in the six months April to September last year, than there had been in the same months a year previously.

The near 40 per cent drop is detailed in new figures on Social housing lettings released by the Ministry of Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government this week.

The number of new social lettings in April 2020 was a quarter of the number a year earlier. The number increased in the summer of 2020 but were still fewer than in the summer of 2019.

First lets of new properties decreased slightly. Re-lets of general needs properties, vacant because the previous occupant had died, increased by 5 percentage points, to 19 per cent of new lettings. But those available because the tenant had been evicted decreased by 3 percentage points to 3 per cent.

Households new to the social sector increased from 59 per cent to 68 per cent of new lets in the period. And lets to people from temporary accommodation increased by 5 percentage points to 16 per cent of the total.

New lets to the ‘statutorily homeless’ increased by 4 percentage points to 21 per cent of new lets.

Domestic abuse was the primary reason for leaving their last home for 7 per cent of households, up by 1 percentage point.