Wales widens tenant support criteria

All tenants in Wales with rent arrears arising from covid-related reasons can now apply for help from the country’s Tenancy Hardship Grant.

Minister for Climate Change Julie James is urging anybody facing eviction or who has fallen behind on their rent because of the pandemic to contact their local authority to find out what help is available to them.

‘Our £10 million Tenancy Hardship Grant will help prevent eviction and support tenants to remain in their homes. The impact of being made homeless on people and families is huge – including support networks being lost, children having to move school, and families’ mental health and well-being suffering. We want to do all we can to help avoid that situation’.

Shelter Cymru has welcomed the widening the eligibility criteria for applicants. It will mean more people, who are struggling during the pandemic to pay their rent, are able to access support to keep their homes, said CEO Ruth Power. ‘Our advisors are working with people across Wales whose incomes have been seriously affected by the pandemic and who are really worried about the future. Getting money quickly to people in need will prevent families becoming homeless’.

Applications are now open, with the final date for rent support being December 31st 2021.

Tenants in rent arrears because they lost their jobs following the removal of the furlough scheme in September, or who suffered a significant decrease in income when the universal credit uplift was removed by UK Government, may now be eligible under the new criteria.