‘Explosion’ in tenant enquiries reported

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Reopening Britain for business by the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions has led to an explosion in tenant enquiries, renting portal OpenRent has reported.

‘This month, we’ve had more new customers signing up, from the UK and abroad, than ever before, and we’ve helped arrange more viewings than ever, too’, its latest landlord newsletter reports.
‘This spike in demand means that landlords all over the UK are achieving higher rental prices for their properties than ever before. That’s because – no matter how many properties we list – supply simply can’t keep up with demand’.

Happy National Moving Day!
And this was even before ‘National Moving Day’, 1 September being the day when more tenants move house than any other. According to OpenRent there are over eight times the number of moves on 1 September than on an average day throughout the rest of the year.