Waltham Forest Council Crackdown Leads to Fines for Buy to Let Sector

A crackdown by Waltham Forest Council has led to thousands of pounds in fines issued to rogue landlords and other offenders in the borough.

Waltham Forest Council ran an ‘action day’ last week targeting various offenders including rogue landlords, fly-tippers and dirty restaurants. Over £5,000 of on-the-spot fines were issued by officers during the operation.

The council’s housing team collaborated with the Metropolitan Police, visiting 18 private rental properties that they expected to be in non-compliance with the Council’s Landlord Licensing Scheme. The joint operation discovered three unlicensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Seven properties were also identified by inspectors that were declared to be in poor condition. They will be subject to further enforcement action by the council.

In addition to the offences in the buy to let sector, other areas of criminal activity also faced a crackdown. The council handed out fifty penalty fines of £80 each for littering across the borough, as well as three fly-tipping fines which cost the offenders a sizeable £400 each.

The council also handed out 18 notices to deal with pest control in restaurants in the area. They also carried out nine food standards inspections, with one premises being voluntarily closed due to its poor hygiene levels.

Councilor Clyde Loakes, deputy council leader, commented on the days events: ‘We work tirelessly to keep the borough clean and safe. On days like this we and our partners go into a targeted area and really crack down on everything from food standards to littering. The message is quite clear; we want Waltham Forest to be a great place to live and for everyone to have a quality life. Those residents and businesses that jeopardise our ambition face penalties, closure and even the courts.’